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Organic & Artisanal

We use time honored techniques and simple ingredients in every batch for the best tasting artisan breads!

Handcrafted, The Artisan Way

From starter to finish, we believe the handcrafted way is the only way to truly amazing bread!

Our breads are slowly fermented using our signature starters, made of three main ingredients: water, flour, and sea salt. Each loaf is hand-shaped, leisurely proofed and hand-scored prior to a slow-bake in hearth ovens.

Farmers Market Roots Since 1994

Our roots are deep and go wayyyy back! We started selling our organic breads at the iconic Fremont Farmers Market in Seattle.

We've grown a lot since then, but our love for the community and humble beginnings has never wavered. This is why we had to pay our respects and name one of our loaves Fremont!

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