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The Essential Difference


Our ESSENTIAL FRESH SEAL™ packaging provides our authentic artisan bread with locked-in freshness for months, not days, so you can enjoy the highest quality bread on-demand with no freezing or preservatives.

Locally Sourced

We hand select ingredients from the highest quality, local suppliers to ensure world class baked goods.

Three Simple Ingredients

Flour, water, sea salt, and naturally occurring yeast form the basis for all of our breads.

Original Starter

Our starter is the signature ingredient in all of our artisan breads, and it dates back to the Gold Rush era.

Slow and Steady

Our dough is carefully fermented at controlled temperatures to maximize flavor and texture.

By Hand

Our breads are shaped and scored by hand to maintain their characteristic crumb and artisan appeal.

Hearth Baked

Our breads are baked in traditional hearth ovens to develop their signature crust.