Take & Bake

Essential FreshSEAL™
Artisan organic bread

The Essential FreshSEAL™  Upgraded
Same FreshSeal™, new looser package – for a more beautiful loaf of bread.

Our Essential FreshSEAL™ packaging allows you to keep unopened, partially baked, organic Take & Bake bread fresh in your pantry for months without freezing it. You can enjoy fresh-baked bread when you want it. Now that’s revolutionary.

Garlic Bread

Take & Bake Garlic Bread – NEW


Take & Bake Sourdough


Take & Bake Rosemary

Take & Bake French

Take & Bake French

Take & Bake Italian

Take & Bake Italian

Take & Bake Variety Pack

Take & Bake Originals


Take & Bake Baguette

Take & Bake French Baguette

French Demi Baguettes

Take & Bake Demi-Baguettes

Artisan Original Pizza Crust


Artisan Thin Pizza Crust