The Essential Baking Company, The Pacific Northwest's First Certified Organic & Non GMO Project Verified Artisan Bakery

We’re known for our artisan, organic products, and loved for our taste and quality, and now we are pleased to announce that we’ve completed the Non-GMO Project’s Product Verification Program.
Keep an eye out for our new packaging, with Non-GMO Project’s official seal, coming to a store near you.
Artisan Organic Fremont Sour White Bread Loaf
Obtaining the Non-GMO Project Verification is exciting because as a company we support the program and have afforded every effort to produce delicious, good-for-you bread.  

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) April 02, 2014

The Essential Baking Company, one of the nation’s leading producers of organic bread, is pleased to announce its retail breads and crackers will now proudly display the Non-GMO Project’s certification.

Non-GMO Project’s Product Verification Program requires that products be subjected to third party evaluation of traceability, segregation, and testing of high-risk ingredients at critical control points. The Essential Baking Company is already USDA certified organic, but the top artisan bread maker isn’t stopping there.

Offering food products that exclude “all genetically modified ingredients is a no-brainer,” according to Fox News online in an article titled “Brands You Didn’t Know Were GMO Free.” While national brands such as Cheerios®, already actively promote their Non-GMO status, finding freshly baked products that are both organic and Non-GMO will be more challenging, but no less important.

“We don’t take shortcuts while making our bread. We let the dough ferment naturally and hand-form each loaf,” said Leslie Heller, marketing manager at The Essential Baking Company. “We pride ourselves on being a top choice among ‘ingredient detectives’ who read food packaging labels very thoroughly. Obtaining the Non-GMO Project Verification is exciting because as a company we support the program and have afforded every effort to produce delicious, good-for-you bread. Our customers should feel pride knowing they made the right choice for the health of their families and sustainability of the community.”

Many of the European-style breads offered by The Essential Baking Company are made with only four ingredients. Their popularity spread from being a highly-trafficked stand at farmers’ markets to becoming an in-demand product with local and national retailers. Each day, head baker George dePasquale takes meticulous care to maintain the company’s commitment to taste and wholesome quality as the brand grows from being a Seattle favorite to a nationally distributed household name.

The Essential Baking Company makes rustic loaves, whole wheat & multi-grain loaves, specialty loaves, such as their rosemary bread, baguettes, rolls & buns, gluten-free loaves, and new bake-at-home loaves that can be shipped across the country.

Locals can enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner at any of their four café locations.

About the Company: In 1988, while both living in Seattle, George DePasquale and Jeff Fairhall met through mutual friends. Six years later, their common passion for great bread led them to open The Essential Baking Company and start selling organic, artisan loaves at local farmers’ markets. Since then, The Essential Baking Company has grown to become the largest artisan bakery in Seattle whose commitment to organic, sustainable and socially responsible practices is among the best in the industry. Many breads are Certified Kosher by Va’ad HaRabanim of Greater Seattle. Get your bread fix at

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  1. suzanne wilson
    suzanne wilson says:

    I really like your bread but I wonder why you use granulated sugar. Sugar is so bad for
    our health I don’t understand why you use granulated sugar instead of a healthier type
    of sugar or just the sugar cane

    • Kendra
      Kendra says:

      Thanks Suzanne! We use granulated sugar cane, sugar cane fiber, prune puree, and pear juice as sweeteners. We don’t use any artificial sweeteners of any kind as we believe the real thing is healthier.


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