George De Pasquale, Founder

The Essential Baking Company 2018 Year In Review

The focus of this year was to grow our brand locally, reinforce our core company
values, and push the unique shelf-stable value proposition of our Bake-at-Home
and gluten-free lines. We had great success in rebranding our Bake-at-Home
line to Take & Bake, though the transition from the rigid box to a pouch was not the easiest.
It was a company-wide effort to rebrand, reintroduce, educate, sell, and merchandise the new
packaging, and we would like to recognize everybody for supporting our efforts through it all.
Our gluten-free line also saw a refresh in packaging, and we are excited to continue to grow
our market presence with this fresh, modern look. With the understanding that our shelf stable packaging sets us apart from our competitors, we trademarked “Essential FreshSEAL”
and began calling it out on our packaging as a selling point. We will continue to push into
2019 marketing this unique benefit which provides our authentic artisan breads with locked in freshness for months, not days, with no freezing or preservatives. Our mission is to
provide customers across the nation with quality organic bread on demand.

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