Sospeso (Suspended Coffee) Project Expands To Include Suspended Bread!


Ashley Mengoni with bread. Image by Rex Hohlbein

Our Wallingford Café Manager, Ashley Mengoni, had an idea. An idea that would help people in our community by showing them support when they need it most. We’ve spread the word to homeless organizations such as Mary’s Place and Homeless In Seattle about The Essential Baking Sospeso (Suspended Coffee) Project and it’s been such a huge success that we’ve decided to expanded “Sospeso” to include bread! Customers can request to purchase an extra cup of coffee or bread with their order and receive one wooden token for coffee and two wooden tokens for bread. They then place the tokens in the jar on the café counter so a person in need is able to inconspicuously redeem them for a free cup of coffee and a loaf of bread at a later time.


Homeless In Seattle Photography on display at The Essential Baking Wallingford Café. Image by Rex Hohlbein

Rex Hohlbein of Homeless In Seattle, raises awareness by giving homelessness a face through his beautiful pictures. They are now on display at The Essential Baking Company’s Wallingford Café. Come visit Ashley and her Team at The Essential Baking Company’s Wallingford Café and ask for a bread “sospeso”.

Update: We have expanded this project to all of The Essential Baking Company Cafes in Wallingford, Madison, Georgetown and Bellevue.