Introducing Our Newest Customers!

You see us at your favorite grocery store and at our  own cafes, but our products are other places too. Ever wonder which restaurants or coffee shops carry products from The Essential Baking Company? Let us introduce you to eight of our newest customers who also carry our products.

Image: Patty's Egg Nest

Image: Patty’s Egg Nest

  1. The 1 Hundred Bistro & Bar is located in the heart of lake union and they offer a delicious selection of our Parisian Star Desserts.
  2. Ballard Brothers Seafood & Burgers offers our hand crafted artisan burger buns & our gluten-free breads! There is no better way to enjoy a big juicy burger than on a healthy, hand crafted artisan bun!
  3. Serving up healthy made from scratch and to order Patty’s Egg Nest is opening two new locations, one in Everett and the other off of Holman road in the Crown Hill area. Here you will find a multitude of our delicious freshly baked pastries!
  4. Piggyback Deli is an incredible delicatessen always serving fresh and tasty products, check them out and ask for a sandwich that uses our freshly baked rosemary bread, our unique ciabatta rolls or our one of a kind Dutch crunch hoagie. There is no better way to compliment a sandwich piled high with your favorite fixing than a scrumptious hand crafted artisan Essential Baking Company bread!
  5. If you are looking for a hot cup of coffee and a delectable pastry head up to the Richmond Beach Coffee Company in shoreline.  They are now serving a plethora of our pastry’s & breads which are delivered fresh daily.
  6. If you are looking for our products on the other side of the Cascades Spokane Bakery Supply will be carrying many of our products lines.
  7. Last but certainly not least you can now find our bread which is delivered daily to the Vashon Golf & Swim Club!

We would like to thank all of our new accounts and extend our gratitude to them for choosing The Essential Baking Company for their businesses.  Welcome to the family everyone! Please stop by one or all of these locations and ask about their Essential Baking Company products.