Artisan Sliced Loaves

Our artisan breads are crafted by our skilled bakers using high quality organic and natural ingredients, naturally fermented starters and time-honored techniques that produce flavorful loaves with superb textures.

Sliced Loaves

Sliced Columbia Bread

Sliced Columbia

Sliced Fremont Sour White Bread

Sliced Fremont Sour White

Sliced Multi-grain Bread

Sliced Multi-Grain

Sliced Pain du George

Sliced Pain du George

Sliced Demi Loaves

Sliced Demi Pain du George

Sliced Demi Raisin Pecan

Sliced Demi Rosemary

Sliced Demi White

Demi Sliced Whole Grain

Sliced Demi Whole Grain