Artisan Pizza Crusts!

It’s the product that’s been a long time in coming. Trust me when I tell you that our Essential Baking families have eaten so many test pizzas in preparation for this day. We were determined to create the very best artisan organic pizza crust out there and now you will have the chance to judge for yourself. February 2nd marks the official launch of our brand new artisan organic pizza crusts! We couldn’t be more pleased to see this day come. If you see someone dancing in the isle next to this product, you’ll know it’s one of us.




Are you or someone you love gluten free? Fear not for we have our gluten, dairy, soy and nut free pizza crust coming for you in April! It’s made in the same dedicated allergen free facility as our amazing gluten free breads. But wait, there’s more for you our gluten free friends! Just when you thought that was the best news, we will also be coming out with a gluten free dough ball so you can form your own crusts! Until April comes, know that we will be eating our fair share of gluten free pizza crust to make sure that it tastes amazing and that the instructions are easy to follow. We can’t wait for you to give it a try.