• Madison Café

  • Wallingford Café


We are pleased to offer catering from the following café locations.


We cater to Wallingford, the University area, Fremont, South Lake Union and Ballard.

Call Wallingford Café for further details and to place your order:(206)-545-0444

Madison Park Café

We deliver to locations in the Madison Park area.

Call our Madison Park Café for further details and to place your order: (206)-328-0078

Catering Menu

Please Call to Place Your Order

  • Wallingford Café: (206) 545-0444
  • Madison Park Café: (206) 328-0078
  • Georgetown Café: Catering not available


Free delivery for orders over $150!


For orders of $250 or more, please contact us 48 hours in advance.

Cater: Sandwiches