Essential Bakery Cafés

  • Wallingford Café

  • Madison Café

  • Georgetown Café

We proudly serve local Victrola Coffee and Columbia Gorge Organic juices in all our cafes.

Holiday Ordering (Retail Customers Only): Call now or visit your nearest EBC café to place your orders and schedule pickup for the Holidays. If you order before November 14th for Thanksgiving and before December 12th for Chanukah and Christmas, we will give you a 10% discount off your order!

Wallingford Cafe

The Wallingford Café is nestled in a brick building with a long baking past. Just like the Buchan Family Bakery that preceded it, we are proud of our history and homegrown traditions.

Our Madison Café is a favorite spot for families as well as those working from a laptop. The outdoor patio and large windows along the bar create a unique vista of Madison Valley.

Georgetown Cafe

Georgetown is the home of The Essential Baking Company and Georgetown Café, where fresh baked bread, pastries and desserts meets art, culture and a growing sense of community.